Expect Nothing Appreciate Everything

‘Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything’ translates into new abstract self-portraits in which an interaction unfolds between straight and spontaneous lines. While in search for control,  I’m constantly in danger of losing it. The colours alternate against the white paint, so that the pattern and the breakthrough are in conflict with each other. In relation to the paintings, the sound and video works indicate the creative process. By literally transforming the painted layers into sound and image, I want to take the viewer into this process, in order to experience the same as I do.

The Abstract Self-Portrait emphasis on the experience of the (painting) process. By literally transforming painting Say Yes When You Want To Say No #6 into video and sound, the painting unfolds with each added layer. A color accentuates a tone and no paint implies no sound. With The Abstract Self-Portrait, I create new gateways through that process into that sublime experience. The video continuously constructs moments of contradictions and connections between process and result, between painting and sound, and between myself and the viewer.

Say Yes When You Want To Say No #1

Say Yes When You Want To Say No is a work of art that includes a series of paintings and short videos. The paintings are a result of the interaction between my obsessive perfectionism and searching for ways to oppose it. I used several experiments in the painting process to free myself from that obsessiveness in such a way that it broadened my perspective. Each painting is build onto moments of these definitive decisions and doubts. Say Yes When You Want To Say No is one large artwork, in which every painting has its own story and is told through a couple of short videos.

Daan Roukens Artworks Portfolio Installation Glenfiddich

For the introduction of Glenfiddich’s newest Whisky flavours in Amsterdam, I was commissioned to create a work of experience during a tasting session. The audience could taste Glenfiddich’s Experimental Series in several chambers. To complement this experience I created an enclosed space covered by painting “If You Can’t Be Good, Be Weird #1”.

Daan Roukens Wall Painting De Tandwielenfabriek

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, lies De Tandwielenfabriek (an old sprocket factory). This industrial complex was given a new purpose for housing in 2015. For one of the twelve houses I created a wall painting. In which I gave new value to elements from the designated location.

Notes To Myself - Art Prints

The exploration in my own painting process, also extends to my artistic practice and position as an artist. I react to contradictions I come across in daily life in such a way that it can broaden my perspective and that of the viewer. For the series Notes To Myself, I used the painting as an object and I placed it opposite of printed media. As a reaction to a question that continuously keeps bothering me: “Why museums are allowed to commercially market their artists, but when an artist makes prints of his paintings it’s not done”.

If You Can't Be Good, Be Weird

If You Can’t Be Good, Be Weird consists out of four paintings in which I further explored the tensions of my obsessive perfectionism. In each of these works I deliberately used tape in the first layer, because of the risk that paint would slide underneath. So when the first layer was finished, I started rebuilding the grid without tape. By adding the same or new colours and varying it to different locations on the canvas. The differentiated pattern and adding black and white forced me to keep on changing the painting. It’s the obsessive perfectionist in me that wants to keep things under control, but the experimentation is a way of breaking through that cycle.

Daan Roukens Wall Painting Buutvrij for Life

From besmirched bricks to graphic artwork. For 75 years, Farrow & Ball has provided extra character for interiors worldwide. In addition to the indoor decorations, the English paint and wallpaper manufacturer now goes a step further into the streets. Together with artist Daan Roukens they added a nice coat of paint on the façade of advertising agency Buutvrij for life.

Painting #18

Painting #18 is a commissioned work using paint-dripping acrylics. I started working with drippings in the first layer as another way of breaking through my obsessive perfectionism. When the first layer was finished, I began rebuilding the grid by adding the same colours and varying it to different locations on the canvas.

Notes To Myself #4

Notes To Myself marks the first series of paintings in which I started exploring with the boundaries of my obsessive perfectionism. The idea was to start with a specific color combination in a triangle pattern and gradually change the appearance. Each painting evolved out of a dynamic process from the beginning to the end. Each added layer gave rise to the intensity of the colours and created new levels of depth. By painting layer upon layer and intuitively adjusting the pattern and colours, each artwork resulted in an interaction between perfection and imperfection.

Tommy'z Toko

Artist Daan Roukens paints unique artwork on Amsterdam salon façade. After waiting 8 years for permission from the municipality, it’s finally official: Amsterdam’s leading hair salon Tommy’z Toko gets a new façade. Owner Tommy Hagen got none other than artist Daan Roukens to take on the challenging design. “With Daan Roukens’ creation on the façade of our building we are giving a new pulse to Amsterdam’s up-and-coming ‘De Baarsjes’ neighbourhood and confirming that Tommy’z Toko is always looking for innovation”, says a proud Tommy Hagen.

In Public_ - Wall Painting by Dutch Abstract Artist Daan Roukens

The first offline presentation of my blog and platform No Rest for the Obsessed (NRFTO) in the showroom of press agency Public_. An exhibition of my most recent paintings, a mural and a curated selection of their showroom products. The launch was sponsored by Warsteiner, Southern Comfort and festively ushered in with DJ performances by DiscoDave and Mitchell LC Yard.

Digital Prints - Designed by Dutch Abstract Artist Daan Roukens

Digital Prints is a series of limited edition geometric prints on high quality paper that I created autonomously and for several commissions, such as Lomography and Teva. By extending my signature painting style of adding layers, I transformed this technique digitally designed prints.

Paintings: 2008 - 2014 - by Dutch Abstract Artist Daan Roukens

A selection of paintings from 2008 till 2014 ranging from autonomous to commissioned work. A variety in sizes from small watercolor paintings to bigger paintings in egg-tempera and oil.

T-Shirt Collections

A selection of T-shirt collections from 2008 till 2011 ranging from autonomous projects to commissioned designs. My own collections were an extension from my paintings. With each painting I created a design in the same color combination and used my logo as the basis pattern. Both the painting and collection carry the same title and were presented together.

On The Wall

I created this geometric wall painting with a combination of the famous Chinese Tangram Puzzle and the colors of his ‘The World Is Yours’ painting. Selected by the Keep an Eye Foundation in collaboration with the Sandberg Instituut for Artpie 2010.

We Are All In This Together - Installation by Dutch Abstract Artist Daan Roukens

The installation We Are All In This Together was made during a work period of two months in an authentic Chinese ceramics factory. In collaboration with local workers I developed this work with natural products from the environment, such as the clay and the glazes. The factory specializes in handmade flower pots and other ceramic purposes. The workers use a technique that is special for the Yixing region.


Prelude is about a bird who is viewing himself in the mirror and repeats it over and over. The projected video is divided by mirrors to create a double diversity. The image is split on the exact spot where the bird disappears and reappears in the mirror. By placing these new frames at opposite positions the bird flies figuratively speaking through the room. It’s as if the bird tries to escape from itself and the mirrors.

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