Tommy’z Toko

Acrylic on wood/wall
Sponsored by: Farrow & Ball

Press release: Artist Daan Roukens paints unique artwork on Amsterdam salon façade. After waiting eight years for permission from the municipality, it’s finally official: Amsterdam’s leading hair salon Tommy’z Toko gets a new façade. Owner Tommy Hagen got none other than artist Daan Roukens to take on the challenging design. “With Daan Roukens’ creation on the façade of our building we are giving a new pulse to Amsterdam’s up-and-coming ‘De Baarsjes’ neighbourhood and confirming that Tommy’z Toko is always looking for innovation”, says a proud Tommy Hagen. Who found his creative equal in artist Daan Roukens during an encounter in Berlin, as they appeared to have a mutual love for artist Sol LeWitt. Roukens allowed himself to be inspired by the building, the neighbourhood and the unique vibe of Tommy’z Toko. The result is an intriguing geometric pattern, where the strength lies in the simplicity of the lines. Farrow & Ball provided the best paint products and materials in the desired shades. The official reveal of the new façade took place on Friday September 5th, where this special moment was shared and celebrated.