• It's Like You See
  • The World Is Yours
  • The World Is Yours - Watercolour
  • Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow
  • Untitled
  • Painting You Must Think First Before You Move
  • You Must Think First Watercolour
  • You Must t-Shirt
  • Can It Be All So Simple
  • Can It Be t-Shirt
  • Painting Stay Hungry Stay Foolish
  • It's Not Where You
  • Painting The Brother From Another Planet
  • The Low End Theory
  • Painting 18
  • On The Wall
  • On The Wall

2008 – 2015
Various sizes and media

A selection of (wall) paintings by Daan Roukens from 2008 till 2015 ranging from autonomous to commissioned work. The paintings are translations of everyday recognizable objects, such as the colours from ‘Vruchtenhagel’ or ‘Delirious’. Transformed into harmonious and contrasted patterns, with titles like: Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow and Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. A variety in sizes from watercolour copies on paper to bigger paintings in egg-tempera and oil. Also the t-shirt collections featured as an extension from his paintings, where the same color combination was used. Both painting and collection carried the same title and were presented together.