Daan Roukens - About & Contact Dutch abstract artist from Amsterdam

Dutch artist Daan Roukens (1987) is best known for his diverse and colourful abstract artworks. Working across painting, wall painting, installations and design, he is driven by a constant interaction of urges and struggles with his obsessive perfectionism. In his work Roukens abstracts our daily life and deals with issues of categorisation by engaging its contradictions. He explores the energetic tension and displays a subtlety of balances in our systems and patterns.


Roukens successfully graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at AKV St. Joost (Den Bosch, 2009) and is currently obtaining a Master of Fine Arts degree at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. Varying from private projects to commissions for brands and companies, his work has since been collected worldwide and exhibited by museums and galleries.


He lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Present: Master of Fine Arts, Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam
2009: Bachelor of Fine Arts, AKV St. Joost, Den Bosch


0031 (0)6 24 83 38 61


Selected Press

“Urban Camo”, Mirror Mirror
“Mijn vrienden noemen mij Mondridaan”, Pandora 2
“Perfecte patronen van Daan Roukens”, Mixed Grill
“We Are All In This Together”, Klei Magazine,
“De Fabriek”, Elle Decoration
“HBB”, Vice Magazine
“Het Gebouw”, Eslevier Juist
“Online Superstar”, Vogue Magazine
“Interview with Daan Roukens”, Designscene #005
“Amsterdamse Kunst Kalender” 2016
“No Rest for Daan Roukens”, Blendbureaux.com
“Talking discipline, structure and balance”, Overdose.am
“Colors, Patterns and Layers”, Losbangeles.com
“Amsterdam Miscellaneous”, Superfuture.com
“Grootmeesters: Ontwerp en Ontwerper”, Audi Magazine
“NRFTO a name, a brand, a lifestyle…”, Supercharged.tv

Selected Exhibitions

2017: (Solo) Park Hotel, Amsterdam, NL
2017: Zandvoorts Museum, NL
2016: (Solo) This Art Fair, Amsterdam, NL
2016: Engaged Art Fair, Amsterdam, NL
2016: (Solo) Afura Gallery, Amsterdam, NL
2016: (Solo) SVB, Amstelveen, NL
2015: (Solo) About Lifestyle, Amsterdam, NL
2015: (Solo) Sonos Audio, Amsterdam, NL
2015: (Solo) Buutvrij for life, Amsterdam, NL
2014: (Solo) &MAES Gallery, Amsterdam, NL
2014: Masterpeace, KunstRAI, Amsterdam, NL
2014: Miscellaneous, WallsGallery, Amsterdam, NL
2013: (Solo) Showroom Public_, Amsterdam, NL
2013: Holland Handwork Gallery, Amsterdam, NL
2012: Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam, NL
2012: Artistic Affairs, Walls Gallery, Amsterdam, NL
2011: Museumnacht, Amsterdam Museum, NL
2010: On The Wall, Art Pie, Amsterdam, NL
2009: Zàijiàn Yixing, CBK, Den Bosch, NL
2009: Cultivated, Galerie 10, Utrecht, NL
2008: Artist in Residence, Yixing, CH

Selected Commissions & Collaborations

Glenfiddich, installation, Amsterdam, NL
Tandwielenfabriek, wall painting, Amsterdam, NL
Buutvrij For Life, wall painting, Amsterdam, NL
#18, painting, Amsterdam, NL
Teva, print design, Amsterdam, NL
Tommy’z Toko, wall painting, Amsterdam, NL
WeTransfer, wallpaper design, Amsterdam, NL
The Low And Theory, painting, Amsterdam, NL
McGregor, shirt design, Amsterdam, NL
Tjunk.com, t-shirt design, Amsterdam, NL
‘Untitled’, painting, Amsterdam, NL
Art Pie, wall painting, Amsterdam, NL