Buutvrij for life

Acrylic on wall
Sponsored by: Farrow & Ball Paints
5 x 25 m

I was commissioned by Buutvrij for life to create a wall painting for their office in Amsterdam. The façade of this advertising agency was embellished with ugly tags and as Reuben Alexander, co-founder of Buutvrij for life said: “At Buutvrij we solve creative puzzles every day, and always with a positive twist. The outside of our office was also a bit of a puzzle. Because it has been used in recent years as a kind of scrap sheet for beginning graffiti artists. The façade looked horrible and if you clean such a wall, it’s immediately an invitation for new tags.” In contrast to the chaotic colourful tags on the wall I created long firm lines in black, white and grey. The process of turning chaos into order and finding that in-between moment was visually less present. However it led to another ambiguous experience. The underlying graffiti was vanished but the new lines created a fresh sheet of writing paper to tag on.