Say Yes When You Want To Say No #2


  • 80 x 100 cm
  • Acrylic and oil on linen


Say Yes When You Want To Say No #2 is part of an artwork that includes a series of paintings and short videos. The paintings are a result of the interaction between my obsessive perfectionism and searching for ways to oppose it. I used several experiments in the painting process to free myself from that obsessiveness to find that sublime moment of in-between. Each painting is build onto moments of these definitive decisions and doubts. For this series I worked from my own archive of experiments, colours and patterns. The four colour combination evolved out of experiments for previous paintings and the (work) pattern is from ‘If You Can’t Be Good, Be Weird #3’. It’s a squared pattern with one larger square in the middle. The experiments came from breaking the rules that I had set in advance, such as: not finishing a pattern or displacing it, changing the colour combination in the middle of the process, and adding a coincidence by using tape, so that the paint would slide underneath. All these experiments forced me to keep working on the painting and kept the interaction between order and chaos going until I found that sublime moment.

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