Notes To Myself #1 – Art Print


  • High Quality Giclée Print on 210 g. Paper
  • 50 x 50 cm
  • Signed and Numbered
  • Edition of 50

37 in stock

The exploration in my own painting process, also extends to my artistic practice and position as an artist. I react to contradictions I come across in daily life in such a way that it can broaden my perspective and that of the viewer. For the series Notes To Myself, I used the painting as an object and I placed it opposite of printed media. As a reaction to a question that continuously keeps bothering me: “Why museums are allowed to commercially market their artists, but when an artist makes prints of his paintings it’s not done”. By using a digital canvas I printed Notes To Myself #1 on museum quality art paper in a limited edition of 50 art prints. The artwork on paper shows every brushstroke, just as the original painting, but due to the material, size and technique it gets a totally different experience.


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