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Daan Roukens (1987) is a Dutch visual artist, known for his diverse and colourful abstract self-portraits. He portrays what’s going on in his head in an abstract way and by that reflects on daily life. Roukens continuously experiences a restless feeling as a result of the tension between order and chaos. When he experiences too much chaos, he lets his obsessive perfectionism run free and if that structure becomes too dominant, he will add chaos again.

It’s the alternating choice for both, but he never opts for one and experiences the moment of in-between as sublime. Roukens searches for that in-between experience and feels the strong need to take the viewer into this process. By means of patterns, colour and abstraction, he paints the doubt and aims to make that conflict visible and perceptible. The artwork is a translation of his controlled chaos that reflect everyday dilemmas. A mirror, in which the viewer can determine how one sees oneself.

Daan Roukens successfully graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art at AKV St. Joost Den Bosch and obtained his Master of Fine Art degree at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. In addition to painting, he also uses video, ceramics and textiles. His work varies from autonomous projects to commissions and is acknowledged by a broad audience.

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“Over-structured order implies there is chaos” Lucas de Man

”As a viewer, I started looking for structures and patterns, but when I released them, I experienced them again. For me, it was about perfection and imperfection, about compulsive ordering and trying to let that go, about straight jackets and how to escape from them. Very strong work as far as I’m concerned, because it brought about everything” Anonymous

”From irritation to admiration, from fight to resignation, from wanting to step out to being too curious to stop looking. Intriguing” Henriëtte Olland

“An experience. It gives peace, but at the same time it’s elusive and I feel his fight. There is a story in every detail, a story that I want to figure out” Rick Scholman (Stichting 2 Can Rule)

Selected Exhibitions

Parallel, Amsterdam

Number Nine, Amsterdam

Re-inventing Daily Life
, Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam
Kinderboerder-ei, Charity Auction, Club ADCN, Amsterdam

2015 – 2017
Park Hotel, Amsterdam
Laboratorium voor een Leuker Leven, LAB111, Amsterdam
Van Mondriaan tot Dutch Design, Zandvoorts Museum, Zandvoort
This Art Fair, Amsterdam
Engaged Art Fair, Amsterdam
The Ultimate Balance, Sociale Verzekeringsbank, Amstelveen

2012 – 2014
Masterpeace Gallery, KunstRAI, Amsterdam
Miscellaneous, Walls Gallery, Amsterdam
Public_, Amsterdam
Academy for I&M, Amsterdam
Affordable Art Fair, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
HTNK Modefabriek, RAI, Amsterdam
Artistic Affairs, Walls Gallery, Amsterdam

2009 – 2011
Museumnacht, Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam
On The Wall, Art Pie, Amsterdam
Zàijiàn Yixing, CBK, Den Bosch
Cultivated, Galerie 10, Utrecht

Selected Collaborations

Varies from private to public commissions. His work can be found in many collections in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Germany, China.

In collaborations with:
Buutvrij for life
Tommy’z Toko

Buutvrij for life

Selected Press

‘Artist Daan Roukens: Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything’, 2019

‘Abstracte zelfportretten en de alledaagse orde en chaos’, 2018
‘Wordt kinderboerderij De Gliphoeve gered door eieren?’, 2018

‘Mijn vrienden noemen mij Mondridaan’ Pandora 2, 2017
‘We Are All In This Together’ Klei, 2017

‘De Fabriek’ Elle Decoration, 2016
‘Hoofdafdeling Bijzaken’, 2016
‘Het Gebouw’ Elsevier Juist, 2016

‘Online superstar’ Vogue, 2015
‘Interview with Daan Roukens’ Designscene #005, 2015
‘Amsterdamse Kunst Kalender’ 2015
‘Daan Roukens doet het anders’, 2015

‘Amsterdam Miscellaneous’, 2014
‘Talking discipline, structure and balance’, 2014

‘No Rest for The Obsessed’ F.A.L.L., 2013

‘Grootmeesters: Ontwerp en Ontwerper’ Audi Magazine, 2011
‘De Toekomst: Daan Roukens’, 2011

‘NRFTO a name, a brand, a lifestyle…’, Dennis Cup,, 2010