I Once Stumbled In a Forest


  • 65 x 90 cm
  • Acrylic and oil on linen


In this new series of paintings I continue my research into the in-between experience and how I can communicate this with the viewer. With Stumbling, I search for the experience of that moment, where one is almost falling, but manage to stay upright. Straight and wavy lines alternate in the process, where white contrasts with color and loose lines counteracts the straight. In this I investigate how my artistic actions influence the interpretation of the viewer. Both physically in the making, as the experience for the viewer in front of the artwork. The choices are definitive and visible between the lines in ‘Clashed Between Right and Wrong’ or where breakthrough becomes part of the pattern in ‘You Got It or You Don’t’.


In addition, I create new process videos as part of the painting (see ‘I Once Stumbled In a Forest’) and make use of frames that act as a window to that in-between experience. With Stumbling, I reflect on my immediate environment and social issues. In this Corona crisis, in which humanity has never been more connected at an appropriate distance, the essence of my work comes to light even more. In which connection and contradiction are on edge and the tension between knowing and not knowing dominates.

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