Between Order and Adventure #2


  • Price without frame
  • Artwork: 51 x 50 cm
  • Frame: 60 x 80 cm
  • Oil on 300 g. Arches Huile paper


Between Order and Adventure #2 is part of the series ‘Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything’. With this series, I continued questioning contradictions that I experience and that most people take for granted. In this case the disproportionate placement of the colors in the Google logo was the trigger and led me to the company’s global categorization and therewith to the disappearance of spontaneity. In relation to my own conflicts with obsessive perfectionism, I translated this into new abstract self-portraits in which an interaction unfolds between straight and spontaneous lines. In search for that sublime experience of the in-between, the spontaneous lines alternate with the straight. The colours go up against the white paint, while the pattern is constantly in conflict with its breakthrough. To take the viewer into that moment of in-between, I also created sound and video works to complement and oppose the creative process.

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