I’m proud to present my new website! The past year has been a time of great change for all of us. Online communication has taken on a more prominent role and our offline existence has had to adapt to new circumstances. Especially for my artworks, the physical presence of the spectator is vital. When this disappears, the in-between experience that I’m searching for and want to evoke, cannot take place. I believe that you, the viewer, are a necessary part of the artwork. That’s also the reason why I often make the painting process visible on social media or through video artworks.

Fortunately, exhibitions will soon take place again and the lockdown has provided me with time and space to review the digital spectator. I’m therefore proud to present this new website, which does more justice to my research and artworks. To celebrate this, all artworks in the webshop are now with a 20% discount for the coming month. If you would like to see a painting in real life, please don’t hesitate to contact me.