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Mr. Wallski presents two new limited edition art prints

I’m very pleased to announce that two paintings from the series Say Yes When You Want To Say No are now online available at Mr. Wallski. A young start-up based in Amsterdam that wants to make buying art accessible for everyone. Mr. Wallski specialises in limited editions that are only sold through their online platform. With museum quality materials the reproduction is a unique end product with amazing details and a striking resemblance to the original work.

I find it very important to keep the original painting as intended for the viewer to experience. As the experience of the painting is vital and different on a print, I still want it to capture my intention of creating the painting. Therefore I created two exact smaller copies from Say Yes When You Want To Say No #1 and #2. The ratio between the original, the special edition and the fine art print are exactly the same. The interaction between the colours, the pattern and its proportions has the same values as the original.

They have complete worldwide free and insured shipping! Happy shopping!

Say Yes When You Want Say No #1

Say Yes When You Want Say No #2