Why?! Abstract Self-Portraits

Abstract Self-Portraits, but Why?!

After releasing my video artwork: The Abstract Self-Portrait last month, I found it necessary to explain the reason behind this title. This video marked the beginning of new understandings about my art and I since last year I’ve been using this term when speaking about my artworks in general.

Abstract is not only the visual part but also refers to a thought or feeling. You could say I’m an abstract expressionist, but what I want to achieve is double sided and not merely one feeling. It derives from my constant restless feeling between order and chaos. When I experience too much chaos, I let my obsessive perfectionism run free and if that structure becomes too dominant, I will add chaos again. This allows me to come in-between both, which feels like a sublime experience. I’m literally painting what is going on in my head in an abstract way. This process and the moment of peace opens my perspective and raises questions, which I want the viewer to experience too.

With my abstract self-portraits I give new value to daily life by questioning contradictions that most people take for granted. Like visually between straight and spontaneous lines or the feeling of disruptions in any pattern. Therefore, various opposing answers can coexist and together they exceed thinking in black-and-white terms. It manifests in all layers of the work, from the conceptual idea into the work process, from the result to the presentation and the viewer.

I’m currently working on a new series of abstract self-portraits about the interplay of straight and spontaneous lines. It is derived from Google’s colour logo and will be presented with sound and film. Although the images below are just a small part of the whole concept, I hope it gives a better understanding of what the abstract self-portrait is. In this case it’s the obsessive interaction of coloured straight lines in a pattern and finding ways to oppose that by hand painted wavy lines.