Invitation: Zandvoorts Museum

With great pleasure I can announce that three paintings will be on display at the Zandvoorts Museum during the exhibition ‘Van Mondriaan tot Dutch Design’. On the occasion of the national celebration of 100 years De Stijl, the museum organised the exhibition to present a variety of artists and designers that are in some way still connected to the art movement.

Exhibition: January 20 – March 19 2017
Opening: January 20 2017 at 16.00 h

Zandvoorts Museum
Swaluestraat 1
2042 KA Zandvoort, Netherlands

One of the paintings that will be on display at the Zandvoorts Museum is Say Yes When You Want To Say No #2.

Say Yes When You Want To Say No #2 is part of a series of paintings that are a result of the interaction between my strive for perfection and finding ways to oppose it by bending the rules that I had set in advance. As I’m an obsessive perfectionist who wants to keep things under control, I use experiments while painting to free myself from that obsessiveness. Each painting is build onto moments of these definitive decisions and doubts. The complete series can be seen as one large artwork, in which every painting has a different kind of research and story.