Glenfiddich: Experimental Series

For the introduction of Glenfiddich and their newest Whisky flavours in Amsterdam, I was commissioned to create an experience during a tasting session. The audience could taste Glenfiddich’s Experimental Series in several chambers. To complement this experience I created an enclosed space covered by painting “If You Can’t Be Good, Be Weird #1”.

My work always evolves around the interaction of order and chaos, and breaking free from patterns while simultaneously creating them. As I’m searching for a connection between the two, I also wanted to connect with the concept of the two new Whisky flavours. Both were created by bending the rules of traditional Glenfiddich Whisky making. I translated that concept to the painting as an object instead of bending the rules in my painting process.

With a digitized canvas of the painting I covered the try-out room from top to bottom, including a t-shirt for the viewer to wear while tasting. With the transformation of this painting into wallpaper and fabric, I took the viewer into the experience of my abstract-self portraits and the new Whisky flavours.

More images here.