Work in Progress: If You Can't Be Good, Be Weird

Work in Progress: If You Can’t Be Good, Be Weird

Work in Progress: If You Can’t Be Good, Be Weird consists out of four paintings in which I continued to explore the tension of control and experiment in painting. I deliberately used tape in the first layer, because of the risk that paint would slide underneath. So when the first layer was finished, I started rebuilding the grid without tape by adding the same colors and varying it to different locations on the canvas. The result is a differentiated pattern that again forced me to re-working it. Is the obsessive perfectionist in me that wants to keep things under control, but the experimentation in painting is a way of working against it. The painting keeps building onto these moments of decisions and doubts.

At some point I started to move the pattern 1 cm lower to create a new basis. The initial pattern changed completely and the new square inside a square pattern got an extra follow up in #3. Painting #2 follows the same style as painting #1 and is comprised out of the same pattern and colors, but the squared pattern is double the size of that in painting #1. While working with the same technique, I noticed that the bigger squares didn’t have the same aesthetic power as the smaller ones and therefore I added another layer of squares to gradually overlay three sizes. Incase of painting #1 and #1.5, these were both constructed out of one initial painting, but along the way they had to be separated as each part of the painting went into a different direction.

To extend the search in paint experimentation, painting #1.5, #2 and #3 received several layers of oil color in the final layers. I used the transparency of the oil paint to keep the layers underneath visible to leave things unchanged and to break free from my never ending perfectionism.

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